I want your Dad, Jackie White

I want your Dad, Jackie WhiteIncludes three short stories from the I want your Dad series. Dad Swapping Caroline, Maxine, Lorraine and JoJo are four horny young girls. The four friends are celebrating Carolines eighteenth birthday when she comes up with an outrageous suggestion. Why dont they seduce each others dads? Maxine and JoJo are up for it, but Lorraine isnt sure. The action gets hot and sticky in the video store, beside the river and even in the cinema. Their dads dont stand a chance. And, just to spice things up even more, they all agree to watch one another. Dads Gangbang The four girls (Caroline, Maxine, Lorraine and JoJo) are back again. And this time, they are all up for another dad swap. Even Lorraine is on board this time. They can blackmail each others dads into doing whatever they want. If their dads dont do what they are told, the girls can spill the beans about what happened a few months ago. There is plenty of hot, sticky action in the squash court, at a birthday party and in the park. But their dads realise what is going on and together plan to give Caroline, the girls ringleader, the biggest surprise of her life. Dads DP Theres no keeping our favorite four girls (Caroline, Maxine, Lorraine and JoJo) down. Still not satisfied, they want more of each others dads. Caroline comes up with the brilliant idea of hunting in pairs this time. JoJo decides to call it a Double Party - or DP for short. JoJo and Lorraine are first to party with the dads while Maxine and Caroline watch. The two voyeurs are soon horny, wet, and eager for their own Double Party. They dont have long to wait. There is plenty of hot action - and the girls soon find out theres more than one meaning of DP. Обо всём этом и не только в книге I want your Dad (Jackie White)

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